Casey the rescue kitty1. People who rescue pets. Jo Summitt from Coldwater, Michigan shared this photo and story with me. “This is how I start every morning, sharing the paper with my rescue kitty, Casey. She has to sit on the chair – NEVER on the table. And she pretty much does that. She reaches across as far as she dares to go, but is a treasure of a rescue kitty.”

2. Kindness in dark places. When there are no words: Syeda Fergunson, Times Herald

3. Sportsmanship. Watched a kid help his opponent up during a physically tough, extremely close high school basketball game. Parents and coaches were losing their minds, but he didn’t lose his.

4. Heroes. “I didn’t know or care if they were Jews or Christians or Muslims. We’re all in the same boat.” Lassana Bathily – Muslim, soon-to-be French citizen, hero, restorer of faith.

photo 1 (640x360)5. Public art. This is an unoccupied building on West Michigan Avenue in Battle Creek. Instead of boarded-up windows, we have works of art courtesy of the Rogue Artist Movement. It happened last February [2014], but still makes me smile every day I drive into downtown.

6. Siblings. I saw a giddy little sister give her bored big brother an adoring hug, which made the corners of his mouth twitch into a brief smile.

7. Performance Art. My youngest showed this one to me. It’s the story of a young couple separated by war as told by Ukraine’s Kseniya Simonova. Have some tissues handy.

8. Constellations. Caught a clear sky the other night and saw Orion. Naming the stars is a human invention – part art, part science, all good.

9. Outdoor lights. I love Christmas lights. It is a glowing holiday greeting. Seeing them during the off-season, however, just makes me smile.

10. Neighbors. I’ve lived in my neighborhood for ten years and most every garbage day one of my neighbors will return everyone’s cans and bins to their houses. How cool is that?

photo 2 (480x640)
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