Help. Most stores have a “special club”. If you don’t belong to their special club, you can’t have the sale price. My wallet is full of special membership cards, yet half the time I can’t find the card when I need it. Sometimes it’s not enough to have the special card, you need the special coupon they sent to your club member email address. Today, as I fruitlessly searched my wallet for the special coupon, the lady behind me handed me her special coupon. Saved me $10 and a headache.

Gab. Chatting over hot beverages and fluffy carbohydrates is a winter tonic. No wonder we have whole establishments dedicated to this concept. Of course, any cozy kitchen serves just as well.

Share. Sometimes it’s space, like a family shoving over in a crowded bleacher so a slightly late parent doesn’t have to stand. Sometimes it’s food, like a preschooler sharing her candy during halftime. Sometimes it’s comfort, like a long hug after a tough loss. [Hey, if you watch as many high school/junior high basketball games as I do a week, this stuff matters.]

Endure. Read an article about a man who gradually lost his sight. Then, through a medical breakthrough, he was able to see his wife and family again. The medical story was one thing. The love story was the best thing.