IMG_0883 (481x640)Snow. Winter after Christmas is a little tough to love. It’s cold. It’s dark too soon and cloudy too often. Ice is everywhere, making travel treacherous. Then, I see a snowman. Not only do I admire the soul that journeyed out in multiple layers to create such a whimsical creature, I admire the season that makes snowman possible.

IMG_0884 (640x480)Flame. “I will light a candle for you.” My grandparents have said this to me many times whenever I am at one of life’s crossroads. It means they will go to church, light a blessed candle, and say a prayer for me. It is their way of lightening the load. Growing up Catholic, banks of votive candles are a common site. Each candle represents a prayer, often said for another’s sake. I’ve watched people light these candles and have lit them myself. There is comfort not only in the personal nature of leaving your private intention before God, but also in the communal nature of so many other intentions burning alongside yours. These flames never fail to tug at my heartstrings.

Kidney. This woman offered a rare gift – her kidney to a total stranger. That total stranger is now her fiancée. Isn’t love grand?

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